Australian Army Khaki/Green Long Web 303/SLR/Bren Rifle Sling - Unissued


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Original Australian made and issue khaki/green heavy cotton webbing long rifle sling with brass attachments for use on the Enfield SMLE 303 rifle; SLR 7.62mm rifle and Bren Light Machine Gun. No markings. 57"  (145 cms) long rather than the 46" (117 cms) of the standard rifle sling. Excellent unissued condition. Fits all firearms with 1 1/4 inch sling swivels. Great for range shooters as it provides extra elbow support with the longer length. The longer length is also good for use with bulky cold weather clothing whilst out hunting. May have slight residue of perished aged rubber band which will scrape off. See representative photos for main description.

The items are similar in condition to the ones in the photograph but not the actual items shown in the photograph


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