Australian Army L1A1 SLR Rifle/F1 SMG Rod Pullthrough - Pack of 5


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Genuine Australian Army surplus. Original early Lithgow sealed pack of 5 Rod, Pullthrough (Weighted end) . These are for the early issue pull thru with a solid threaded weight end and not the hollow permanently attached as the later ones were. These rods were screwed to a female bushing that was permanently attached to the rope portion of the pull thru. Hard to understand why they went with this design as the rope will be the first to wear out so there was not point having a replaceable and expensive to make weighted end. NOTE: This pack of 5 is not 5 rods that screw together to make a cleaning rod. Unissued condition.

See photo of example. This sale is for the weighted (rod) end only. No rope portions available.




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