US WW2 M1942 Pattern HBT Shirt - Dutch Post War - 88-92cms


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US WW2 M1942 pattern Herringbone Twill shirt. Olive Drab Shade #7 (Dark HBT). Dutch post WW2 issue. Two large breast box pockets. Very similar to the US WW2 shirt except it has epaulettes and no anti-gas flap. Heavy 100% cotton HBT material. Excellent condition and still creased from nearly 50 years of storage. Size label reads 88-92cms chest and designed to be worn baggy outside the trousers. Dated 1974. One epaulette has a slide-on rank insignia. Ideal for museums, re-enactment groups etc at a fraction of the cost of an original or reproduction. Also an excellent and tough every day work shirt. Scroll down for more photo description. The shirt in the photo is the shirt you receive.
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