US Army Two Man Pup Tent - Genuine US Issue


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Genuine US Issue Two Man Tent. This sale is for two Shelter Halves which are to join together with the snap fasteners to make one two man canvas (cotton poplin) "pup" tent. Includes foot ropes (NO pins, guylines or poles) . Used condition. May have in-service repairs and/or colour fading. In military service one shelter half was carried by each soldier and two assembled together to make a two man "pup" tent. This is heavy duty quality. Not the cheaper repro items seen around in camping shops. Also suitable for many uses such as a fly for shade or shelter, groundsheet, equipment cover etc. Poles can be easily made using 20mm aluminium tubing or PVC tubing. Pins available from any camping shop. Dimensions are approx.12 feet long (365cms) end to end of flaps.

The items are similar in condition to the ones in the photograph but not the actual items shown in the photograph

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