US M1 Combat Helmet with Liner & Camo Cover - Original


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Original (not current reproduction) US M1 helmets with liner, detachable suspension, neckband, headband and quick release chinstrap. Also has US issue woodland camo cover and "cats eyes" helmet band. Great examples of this now "out of production" classic helmet. Basically the same helmet from start of WW2 to the 1980's. Excellent used condition. NOTE: Reproductions of these helmets are now on the market which can only result in ORIGINAL helmets increasing in value. It also indicates that these original helmets are now becoming harder to find. See photos for main condition description.

NOTE: These helmets are sold for collectable purposes only and are not suitable for any other purpose including, but not limited to, use on motorcycles, bicycles, skateboards etc and are not registered by Government authorities for these purposes.

The items are similar in condition to the ones in the photograph but not the actual items shown in the photograph

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